Friday, May 19, 2017

Stitch Fix Recap - May 2017

I've found that with each fix they learn more about my likes and dislikes. This was my 5th one and I think they've got my number.

You probably know the deal by now: you fill out a personal online profile, one of their stylists selects clothes for you, and sends 5 items for you to try on at home. Whatever you don't like you send back and you keep and pay for what you do like. (For the whole run down, visit the Stitch Fix website.)

This time I requested an everyday gold necklace, a couple day dresses for running around with the kids, and lightweight casual items for the summer heat.

Here's what came in my box:

THML Zinia Embroidered Knit Dress $68
I liked the color (one I don't normally pick out for myself), the style, and the embroidered detail around the collar and hem. Details like this are something I feel makes Stitch Fix pieces a little more unique. However, it just so happened that I got a red dress the day before my fix came. Nonetheless, I tried this one on, but it was too loose and too long for my liking.

Decision: Sent it back.

Abriel Crochet Detail Blouse $38

This was such a tough decision for me. At first glance, I didn't care for the muted colors and when I tried it on it seemed too flowy. But when I looked at the pictures, I liked it. I was very lightweight for summer and unlike anything else I already own. It had, again, those details I like, crochet at the shoulders (covered by my hair in the picture).

Decision: It was a down to the wire decision, but I sent it back. I wanted something brighter that went with more than just white and denim.

Q&A Yesmen Henley Blouse $48

This is totally my style. Loved the cut, color, & fabric weight. I wanted to wear it right away.

Decision: Put it on a hanger in my closet immediately and kept it.

Loveappella Carlita Knit Maxi Dress $78

I mean, I get what the stylist was going with the flattering cut and all (v-neck, empire waist, maxi length), but, one, I feel like the maxi dress rage has passed, and two, the print was too psychedelic for me. As a matter of fact, I had a similar skirt sent in a past fix that I returned. Additionally, it was too tight at the top (I think that's a first!).

Decision: Threw it in the return bag immediately.

Bay to Baubles Chrisiano Pre-Layered Geo Necklace $34

I liked this necklace, but again, as luck would have it, acquired a gold pendant necklace before the fix came.

Decision: Sent it back, hesitantly

Overall Impression of this Fix
I still like the experience of getting Stitch Fix. I like being able to try on the items with clothes in my closet to make a decision. I also try new things I wouldn't pick for myself, like the red dress and gold necklace. They push my comfort zone ever-so-slightly and, in some cases, help me figure out what I don't like. I'm impressed with how well most of the clothes fit, as that is a big challenge for me in most stores. And it's just fun to get a package in the mail with goodies hand-picked for you.

If you do decide to give it a go for the first time, do me a favor and use this link to sign up so I can get a credit towards my next box! When you sign up you get a referral link too to pass on to your friends. Thanks, and good luck!

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What do you think about my choices? Have you had a fix yet? What did you think? Comment below.