Monday, March 6, 2017

When you try something outside your fashion comfort zone

I'm fashionably safe. I don't take big risks, jump on new trends, or wear bold clothing.
However, it's a goal of mine to take small risks outside my somewhat cautious style.
When I saw this top in the store, my conservative self was drawn to the classic navy and white stripes.
I mean, can I ever have enough stripes? But when I pulled it off the rack, I noticed it was a shorter, almost midriff I used to wear in high-school. I debated trying it on. Could I pull this off in my forties? To the dressing room I went. Nothing to lose.
Because of the great price, I decided to take it home with me even though I was still unsure.
Once there, I tried it with a couple things, but wasn't quite convinced I had the right thing to make it.
Fast forward to last week, when I was getting ready for a school function and decided to throw it on with jeans. Under the pressure of a time-crunch, I added some neutral shoes, a couple of bracelets and headed out.

You guys, I got so many compliments on it that night! I put a little thought into it and here's why I think the midriff style worked for me:
  • I have a longer torso and shorter legs. The cropped length made my leg line appear longer.
  • The A-line cut camouflaged my straight waist
  • The structured top made it dressy casual. 
  • And it has a fun split in the back that made it a little more unique. 

What I learned is that I have a new style of shirt open to me, and I'm glad I took that small risk outside my normal comfort zone. Which is one of the reasons why I find shopping at TJ Maxx and similar stores so fun: you can try something out for a very small investment. Even though it may not last through a year (or may fall apart in the wash), it served as a learning piece and I can invest in similar, more quality pieces going forward.

What new trend have you recently tried?  

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