Saturday, January 21, 2017

A fast and easy way to update your look

Once upon a time, in a previous life full of time and disposable income, I went to the makeup counter once or twice a year for new cosmetics. When kids came along, I found myself either exactly replacing what I already had, or picking up new items at Target or the grocery store. After all those years, I'd gotten into a rut.

I decided to treat myself last weekend to a new lip shade. Not from Publix, from a makeup counter. I went to the cosmetics mecca: Sephora. Just stepping into the store can be completely overwhelming. There are so many products, so many colors.

I immediately found a nice young salesperson to help me--a guide in my journey--and asked for a lip gloss similar to what I was wearing. She looked at me like, we haven't carried that shade in years, lady, and I decided right then to abandon my preconceived idea of replacing what I owned. I would be bold and try something new. I asked instead for a neutral everyday color that would match my fair skin and light hair. That she could do.

She brought back a few choices in a color much lighter than I would have selected on my own. With my mind open to new options, I tried them. Along with her help, I narrowed it down and selected a new shade that I loved. What fun!

Feeling brave, I decided to get another, darker color for evening. She brought back a dark plum color, which I tried, even though it scared me.

No, just no. Way too much out of my comfort zone. So we dialed it back a bit and after a few more trials, I ended up with a berry color that was darker than I would've picked out, but liked.

My new everyday shade and night shade. I love them!

I felt so adventurous with my new shades and more hip. ("Hip," I've come to realize, is the word  middle-age people use when they are trying something more youthful. My parents used to say it, and now I'm using it, which is actually pretty un-hip if you think about it.)

I'd forgotten how much better quality the products from the makeup counter are. The colors are less shimmery and more true, not to mention, the selection is amazing. I've also noticed the color lasts longer and wears better than my grocery store brand. One of the glosses even has peppermint oil, which naturally plumps the lips. Oolala!

My new haul: Kir Royale lip cream by Buxom, Goals lip paint and Latergram lip crayon by Tarte

What I learned is that it's worth the time and money to take yourself back to the beauty bar for a refresher. While it can be intimidating to step up to the counter, remember the staff is well-trained to help you if you tell them what you want. You might ask what are customers' favorites, what is a good value and what are their favorite products. You can even have them teach you how to apply the makeup if you agree to purchase a minimum amount.

So while "contouring" still intimidates the heck out of me, I know I can take baby steps with the guidance of makeup experts at the counter. With their help, I'll make sure my makeup stays "hip."

Next time, a new eye shade.