Sunday, October 9, 2016

You've Been Boo(ze)d!

You got BOOzed!
Think about it for a minute. You're hands are full as you approach your front door, your kids are in tow, and with keys in your hand, you notice a bag. What is this? you think. It looks like a bag with wine in it. Could it be?? Oh, hallelujah!

And your day has been made.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the fun fall tradition of boo'ing your friends and neighbors. Basically, you leave a cleverly packaged basket or bag with Halloween goodies, directions, and a ghost to stick on the front door. The recipient then "boo's" three friends by gathering up goodies and delivering the treats to those who haven't already been tagged.

But I say we kick it up a notch...

Before the holidays take over our lives, let's toast fall by changing up the tradition.

Instead of Boo-ing your friends, BOOze them!

(I know, it's brilliant, right?!)

Now, we just have to make it easy. You do not have to attach washi tape, spiders, baggies of candy corn or put very much effort into it. Just leave a bottle by the front door of a friend with a note and head out. Easy peasy. Something to the effect of...


You just got BOOzed! Happy October. Pay it forward to someone who needs a smile.

I don't care, write in on the front of the bag with a Sharpie pen.
The easy way to BOOze someone

But for those of you who like going the extra step to make it cute, I've come up with a poem you can print out and put inside:

Okay, certainly I'm no poet, but if you want to use it, I've created a PDF you can print out and use to BOOze someone.

And there will be no obligation to paste something to your front door. Because there will be no limit to amount of booze you can receive. If you get BOOzed more than once, then lucky you, and you have some awesome friends!

So whaddya say? I say we get this thing rolling. I'll be dropping off a bottle of wine on someone's doorstep this week.
Download the BOOze front & poem
I think October's going to be a wonderful month.

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