Monday, July 11, 2016

Outfit of the Day Posts are Silly

I know. And selfies are silly, too.


In the world of blogging and Instagram, it's like, a thing. I'm still getting comfortable with it. You can probably tell from my own outfit of the day (or #ootd) posts.

But here's the truth. Or my truth.

I love this upcycled clutch by Torrain
I love clothes. I love the options. I love how everyone puts their own style in an outfit. Clothes can  spark conversation and appreciation. I love a piece with a story. Like the clutch I had to get when I saw a friend carrying it and she told me it was from recycled feed bags. Like my paper bead necklace and bracelets from Uganda that help women come out of poverty. Like the great pair of designer shoes I scored from a second-hand shop. And the pair of pants had been looking for all summer on the final clearance rack for $14.99 that fit perfectly. That right there is happiness.

But even more than that, there's the triviality of it. It's not that important, like so many heavy things going on in this world or even in our own worlds. It's fun. When things get burdensome, a quick look at my favorite Instagram feed lets me escape into a world where everything's going to be okay.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

Just looking.

And if I get an idea for a new way to wear something, that brings me a little joy when I step out in it. If I see a shirt I love in Instagram and track it down and order it, then get it altered (I'm talking about you, watermelon shirt), I greedily accept compliments on it when I wear it.

So yes, fashion is silly, but sometimes something silly and insignificant brings you your kind of happy.

If you're on Instagram, follow me @messycasualblog for outfit inspiration and to get ideas from people and boutiques I follow. It's a huge world out there with endless insights. 

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