Monday, June 13, 2016

My Favorite Summer Trends

I'm just a regular forty-something mom who strives to dress for comfort (mostly) and style. I like to incorporate bits of what's trending in my wardrobe by taking baby steps. Once I dip my toe in the fashion waters, I may dive in if the water feels comfortable.
Crazy for tassels on OOTD posts

Here are the trends I'm embracing this summer:

I love the colorful tassels I'm seeing on shoes, bags, shirts, and accessories. If you follow Messy Casual on Instagram (@messycasualblog), it's pretty apparent that I have a tassel necklace problem. I love how it can incorporate color & fun into an otherwise plain outfit.

I'm finally starting to warm up to fringe. I know it's been around for a while, more so in a boho vibe. As I certainly wouldn't categorize my style as boho, now it's popping up in more, shall we say, conservative, clothing pieces. I'm loving the fringe on this cute! 

Cold Shoulder Tops
Imagine my surprise when these became the rage this spring after I bought a couple open shoulder shirts last summer. What whaat? I feel so ahead of the fashion curve! I like how they make and otherwise plain shirt more interesting. Aaand they make wearing sleeves in the Florida heat ever-so-slightly more bearable.

Denim Shorts
I've already purchased my jean shorts for the summer in denim and white and I have to stop myself from buying more. They're perfect for a mom on the go: rugged, comfortable, and easy to pair with anything.

Strappy Bras
Victoria's Secret bralette
I love the peek-a-boo look of the straps under tanks and wide-neck tops. I'm still searching for the perfect strappy bra after a couple of failed attempts that turned out to be more athletic bra than strappy bra. (Actually, this one I found is pretty cute!) You can't beat the comfort of no underwires, especially in the summer.

What are your favorite summer trends...have you jumped on the bandwagon of any of the above?  Comment below and let me know what your favorites are.

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