Monday, May 9, 2016

The Shorts You Need This Summer

Here in Florida, we practically live in shorts in the summer. What is the perfect amount of shorts to own in a warm climate? I've taken inventory of my closet and come up with a list to get you through summer.

Solid-colored shorts (3-5 pairs)
Have at least one of each of the following:
  • Black or navy shorts (or both) - these are a staple to wear with solid or patterned tops.
  • White shorts - they scream "summer" (or should I say, "SUMMER!") and match with almost anything.
  • Colored shorts - pick your favorite color and get at least one pair. I love my turquoise, watermelon pink, and new, bright orange shorts.

Patterned shorts (1-2 pairs)
These are nice to have in your closet to add interest to your wardrobe. The more colors in the pattern, the more options you have to wear with it. I've been noticing some cute, multicolor floral patterns in the stores.

Denim shorts (1-2 pairs)
Have you noticed these are back in style? Thank goodness, because you can't beat the versatility of jean shorts. (Will we still call them "jorts" now that they're cool again?)

I just got a pair of the rolled-cuff denim shorts above and have worn them everywhere. They'll be perfect for hiking this summer and when we go camping. I could do a whole post on denim shorts!

Dressy shorts (1-2 pairs)
Every Florida girl needs a pair of nicer shorts to wear for either brunch, shopping, dinner out, or other "dressy casual" occasion.

Typically, dressy shorts are made with a rayon-like material or a more structured material, like starched cotton or linen. Match it with a cute flowy top or light knit and sandal heels and you're good to go!

Know what styles work for your body. I'm petite, so I tend to wear shorter lengths to balance my proportions and make my short little legs look longer. Tall women with long legs can get away with longer styles and the skinny minnies out there can rock the flowy shorts style.

What about rompers?

I think the all-in-one shorts outfits are so cute, but it takes a certain body type to wear them. Girls with hourglass figures and flat tummies look great in them. If you have this body type and a youthful appearance, you can probably pull off the romper. You lucky girl, you.

To recap...

So that's just a start, but if you have these, you'll be set for a warm summer and global warming. And I haven't even gotten started on exercise and beach shorts....

What shorts will you be adding to your wardrobe this summer? What are your favorite summer shorts? Comment below!

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