Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pinned and Worn - Denim Dress

I've never understood why stores in Florida carry cold weather clothes in September when it's still 90+ degrees outside and will be for many weeks. I picked up a great denim shirt dress at the beginning of the season that I've waited ever-so-patiently to wear.

Now that colder weather is here, I'm ready to have fun with it. I was looking through Pintrest for ways to style the dress, and I found this cute picture:
Pinned from momfabulous.com
Look how comfortable she looks! She's playing with her child in the dress, so it must be comfy. I have a similar Aztec shawl in my closet and brown boots, so I pinned it. Looks like the perfect outfit for a Messy Casual mom. Here's my "real life" stab at it.
I loved it and probably wouldn't have thought to layer it with the shawl, since we Floridians don't have too much practice layering. I tried it with socks under the boots like the pin, but because my boots are shorter and so are my legs, it chopped me up too much. But the best part: it really was comfy! Well, once I took that shawl off inside. I couldn't take all that dangling tassel business when I was loading the dishwasher and switching the laundry.

But, I highly recommend the shirt dress/leggings/boots combo for daytime around town or even around the house! Give it a try (if you haven't already) while we still have a bit of cooler weather here in Florida.

Here are some denim dresses I found online, all under $50:

And a few more, under $100:

Happy layering!

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