Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's My Birthday, And I'll Blog If I Want To

So, today is my birthday! Didn't you used to wonder what you'd be like when you were a real adult? And now, here I am. I couldn't help but do a little reflection on how celebrating my birthday is different now, compared to when I was in my 20s and 30s.

The Length 
Then: Used to be, I'd milk my birthday celebration into a full ten days, also known as Karannukah. Each day was marked with either a celebratory happy hour, lunch or dinner, and a piece of cake.
Now: I'm fine with just a day or two. Really. There's no reason to call a ton of attention to the fact I'm getting older.

The Food
Then: Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love cake. Somehow, I'd end up with a large cake for my birthday. I would then eat the cake for breakfast (it's got eggs! and milk!), and again for dessert everyday, until it was gone. My waist expanded into a food baby for a few hours, and then properly digested and any trace disappeared.
Now: I make sure there's very little left over cake (a.k.a. "temptation") by feeding it to the kids. And my cake baby sticks around until I work my ass off at the gym for 2 hours each day for three weeks. (But it's worth it.)

The Greetings
Then: Do you remember going to the mailbox in the days leading up to your birthday and finding multi-colored envelopes interspersed with the bills and junk mail? How long did you get that check from grandma for $10?
Now: The mailbox is pretty sparse in the greeting card delivery, but, I hear from friends I've known throughout my life from all over in the form of text messages and Facebook posts throughout the day! It's nice to be remembered and read the comments. And the mail I do get, is usually in the form of coupons from stores. Win! 

The Celebration
Then: My birthday was an extra excuse to party with friends! There were many a great night of dancing, drinking, and revelry. A slight headache the next day perhaps, but nothing more. The best part was that the only evidence of debauchery could be destroyed if necessary. (I'm speaking about friends, of course.)
Now: I like to start My Day off with a good workout and treat myself to a massage, a day off from doing chores, perhaps a little paddleboarding, followed by dinner with family (and cake). The perfect day. And no headache.

I'm sure my twenty-year-old self would think the forty-year-old birthday celebration is pretty lame. But, I like my lame, mature birthday celebrations. And if anyone's wondering what to get me, I'll take my fast metabolism back. Now excuse me, while I go get a piece of cake.