Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easy Summer Style: The T-shirt Dress

So, in my post How do you really look? I talked about how I want to make looking good easy. People. I am about to make getting dressed this summer a snap.

I'm sharing one of my favorite summer outfits: the cotton t-shirt dress. It's cool, comfortable, and requires very little thought. And you know me, I'm all about keeping it easy.
The one I bought last summer has become one of my favorite go-to outfits that I have worn throughout the year. It's so easy to accessorize. I can wear it with my chunky orange necklace, my red bead necklace and it goes great with aqua and yellow accessories too. Same goes with the shoes: colored flats, sandals, or wedge heels all work. For a girls' lunch, I paired it with a great nautical print Spartina scarf that looked pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. In the cooler months, I wear it with my beloved jean jacket. And I love that I can throw it in my gym bag and it doesn't wrinkle and it's always great for travel (if I actually did a lot of traveling).

So many different looks with one dress. It's like a Super Dress!!

When you figure out what works, you go with it. And you tell your friends about it. I'm looking for similar dresses to add to my closet this summer. My criteria are: it must be washable, wrinkle-free, and of course, cute.

I've rounded up a few below that may even work for you too.

1. Target| 2. J. Crew Factory | 3. LOFT| 4. LOFT

The Target dress is similar to the Super Dress I have in navy. I love the nautical stripes on the J. Crew dress; if you're tall and thin, you can pull this off.  I absolutely love the color blocking of the aqua/blue dress. It looks so comfy, doesn't it? The cinched waist of the chambray dress is great for a straight figure or hourglass shape. Chambray is great to accessorize with anything.

And best of all, I love how all the dresses are loose enough to move around and are forgiving of a post-baby, over-40 body..."mombod," if you will.

I'm thinking this is my new official Messy Casual motto: Although life is messy, we can still look casual & chic with ease.

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