Friday, March 20, 2015

On Unbelievably Skinny Legs

So an Express catalog came to my house last week, which is a little odd, because I haven't bought anything there from there in probably 8 years. Anyway, I open it up to see what styles they have in this spring.

I stopped when I saw this.
Not only are the midriff tops never gonna happen on my post-40 body, but I can not believe the toothpick skinny legs on the girl in pink!


I don't think my upper arm is as skinny as her thigh. It's like a real-life Barbie doll. That can't be real, can it?

I thought the trend was going toward "real" models with attainable body types. How can this be good for young women out there? Does some poor girl have this picture torn out and posted on her refrigerator as her "summer body" goal?

Personally, I like a more toned body. Think Athleta. Just picture that same pink outfit on a little more shapely model. It would look awesome.
Come on, people out there in fashion world. Let's embrace the strong, shapely bodies of women!

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