Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I'm Stalking Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is my style icon. I love how she embodies a casual, stylish, put-together look for the everyday woman. We see her in clothes you would actually wear running errands and chasing after kids. She looks effortlessly put-together and casual at the same time. It's a dream of mine to pull this off as well as she does.

So let's study Reese, shall we?

Florida is hot and our casual fashion involves shorts many months of the year.
Photo sources: dayoldnews.com, eonline.com
Where I usually wear a t-shirt, my girl classes it up with a button-down.

And in this picture...
Photo source: gotceleb.com

she adds the hat and necklace to take it to a more polished level. Notice that she doesn't shlep around in flip flops either. Cute sandals are just as easy and comfortable, so why not choose them instead?

As we're heading into fall, let's see some of her easy jeans outfits.
Photo sources: Instyle.com, People.com, CelebrityStyleGuide.com
Here's what I notice in the first two pictures: again, with the choice of cute colored flats instead of flip-flops or tennis shoes she elevates the outfit. Additionally the accessories--the necklace and scarf--really add to the outfit. I love these looks because they are so easy to reproduce.

I love this outfit:
Photo source: JustJared.com
Reese knows how to accentuate her strengths, i.e., her long legs and skinny waist. This dress is a great way to play up those assets with the shorter hemline and cinched waist. Because of her jacket and loose dress she can get away with a short length while still looking classy. So while my best features aren't the same, my take away is to accentuate mine.

I love to pin outfits and inspiration on Pintrest to help me get dressed when I have a styling brain freeze in my closet or when I'm shopping. You can follow some of my pins on the Messy Casual board and use them to start your own board.

Who is your style icon?