Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Can You Help Me Pick out New Glasses?

I was looking through my oldest son's baby book when I came across a picture of myself painting the nursery. In the photo I was wearing the same glasses I have now.

My son turns 11 next month.

Looks like I'm long overdue for some new glasses.

Some of you may be thinking, Wait, I didn't know you wear glasses! Yep. But mostly just on the weekend mornings when I haven't made it out of my pjs or if I'm sick (...or hungover). But nonetheless, I really need to be a little more in style.

Problem is, anytime I try on a few pairs at my eye check-up appointment at the local big box eye chain, I never see anything I like. They all remind me of middle-aged, office worker glasses. I'm not going down that road.

So I tried Warby Parker. I picked five styles online that I liked and they sent them to me to try on with free shipping both ways and no obligation to buy. That's right, I said free! And best of all, if I find a pair I want, it only costs $95 for both the frames and my prescription.

So of course I had to give it a try. The styles are what I would call "geek chic" and I've been admiring similar styles on people I see around town. Way out of my normal look, but since I usually just wear my glasses at home, I think I can have a little fun with this style.

I ordered five pairs, and a couple of days later, they arrived. They came with clear lenses so I could try them on and wear them around. Here's the four that I liked:

style: Baxter Ti color: Whiskey Tortoise

style: Sims color: Striped Sassafras

style: Theo color: Blue Marblewood

style: Welty color: Whiskey Tortoise

 Here they all are again, next to each other.

So, what do you think? Which one should I get? Which one should I not get? Can I pull this style off? Post a comment in the box below to have your say!

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  1. I actually like them all, but if I can only pick one pair...then #2 it is!

  2. #2 is best, but not in love with any! This shape may be too big for your pretty face! ☺, Lilia

  3. #2 it is! I need new glasses too. :)

  4. I was an Optician for years and I agree... no. 2;)

  5. I like #2 too!! Great seeing you drive by at Publix today.

  6. #2 Hot Messy Casual!! <3 Mercy

  7. I my opinion (you asked) these are all too large for our face. I suggest that you try a smaller size. I think that you will find that it will make a big difference.