Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Summer Doldrums

I think today is the turning point. We are more than halfway through summer. The kids have been playing well together, we've been having fun, and staying busy. But today the kids are starting to antagonize each other and are "so bored" because there is "nothing to do."


We've got three more weeks and some change until school starts. I can't say I'm ready to turn my kids back over to the school system, but I'm starting to lose my summer momentum and excitement. Summer requires a lot of planning (outings, adventures, learning), entertaining, and cleaning up. I basically put anything productive on hold for the three months of summer. And I really need to make that doctor appointment. Even sitting down at the computer to bang out a blog post is next to impossible. As a matter of fact, as I write this, my kids are in the kitchen doing "experiments." Like I said, cleaning is a big part of summer fun.

Don't get me wrong, I embrace unstructured playtime. It forces the kids to use their creative minds. They rediscover toys in their closets they got for Christmas but never had time to play with. But when they get so tired of each other or start to get frustrated, it's time to switch gears. And I'd better have something to pull out of my bag of tricks before everything starts to fall apart.

But this is when it gets tough. We've already done many of the things on our summer bucket list. They novelty of summer is gone and the days only get hotter. Friends are in camp or out of town and are hard to get a hold of.

Three. more. weeks.

A long time to kids, but a blink of an eye to adults. 

I think I'll go play another game of dining room table ping pong on the with my son.