Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our 2014 Summer Bucket List

It occurred to me to share our bucket list in case anyone else is looking for things to do this summer. We probably won't complete them all, and have actually already done quite a few, but it's a great thing to refer to when I'm planning out our week. So without further ado....


  • Go to our favorite diner for milkshakes & lunch
  • Make Mak-It plates (you draw on paper, send it away, and get it made into real melamine plates...I have some from when I was little that we still use)
  • Use our Game Stop gift cards and turn in our old video games for new ones
  • Go to the Southeastern Guide Dogs facility for a tour and take a puppy for a walk
  • Clean up trash out of the mangroves
  • Go on a bike expedition
  • Have a Flick 'n Float (movie in the pool)
  • Build a giant rollercoaster out of K'nex
  • Ride the downtown trolley around town
  • Go to the children's museum
  • Have our cousins over to play
  • Go geocaching
  • Go sailing
  • Go to Adventure Island
  • Play shuffleboard at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club
  • See a sunset at the beach
What's on your summer bucket list? Comment below!

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