Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh S#@!...School’s Out

In less than 24 hours, I will have the constant companionship of my two school-aged boys for the next 2 ½ months! While on the one hand, I look forward to the lazy days of summer – sleeping in, no homework, no projects, no after-school activities - I also dread it. 

The first week or so after school ends feels like a vacation. The mornings are leisurely, we meet dad for lunch, they don’t complain about going to the gym with me (yet), we swim in the pool, have play dates, and plan fun outings.

Then, about 2-3 weeks in, things start to change. The boys get tired of being together and start to needle each other. Our friends have left for vacations and started going to camps, and we can’t find anyone to play with. They are bored with swimming and we’ve already gotten too much sun. They hate going to the gym, and momma needs her gym time to have some sanity. The house is a disorganized disaster with toys and stuff everywhere. There is way too much complaining, whining, and fighting.

It never fails, I start off with good intentions. We’re going to have Math Mondays and Reading Time for 30 minutes a day. The kids will take turns preparing dinner once a week. We’ll do an outreach project or two, go to the water park, do some projects around the house, and we'll even invent something! Seriously, these are all things on my summer bucket list. But I know, come July, things start to turn ugly. By August, I’ve quit going to the gym, drink wine every night, and walk around generally pretty grumpy, counting the days until school starts.

Maybe this year will be different, I think. Maybe the kids will get along better and the activities I plan will keep them busy. Maybe they’ll let me get things done around the house.

Ah, who am I kidding?

So today, I look forward to the start of summer, the possibilities, and the fun activities….but know full well that by the time mid-August comes, the carpooling, sports, lunch-making, homework, and projects will sound like a good trade-off.

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