Monday, May 5, 2014

My First Stich Fix! (April 2014)

I love new clothes and, although it's no bargain, Stitch Fix makes getting new clothes so fun. Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service for the regular person. You go online to fill out a profile with your tastes, fit, and likes and dislikes. When you schedule a "fix" you get charged $20 (which also credits toward a purchase from that fix) and a personal stylist hand-selects clothing for you based on your profile. You receive a box with five items that you get to try on at home, along with a style guide on what to pair them with. You keep the items you like and send back the ones that don't work.
After researching online and through blogs (search Stitch Fix review) I decided to sign up. Filling out the profile was fun! It was like someone cared about my shopping dilemmas. Then I had to wait about 3-4 weeks to get my box. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I faithfully tracked my package to my doorstep until it arrived.
Once I opened the box, the first thing I noticed were the colors. I have a bad habit of shopping too "safe" (black, white, navy) and requested color. My stylist (I love how that sounds) delivered. The style card helped me visualize what to pair with each item, including accessories, an area that I struggle with.

So here's what I got. The first item was the LA Made spearmint green cowlneck jersey top for $68. I requested colors that would complement my fair skin and blonde hair and this hit the mark. I also think it will go with a lot in my closet (all the black, denim, khaki, and white)!
Please excuse my lame attempts at modeling. My 10-year old son was so not enthusiastic about taking my pictures that day, but was a good sport.

The next item I loved when I saw it in the box and thought it would be my favorite, the Papermoon chevron tank for $48.
I really wanted to like it, but it was actually very full and blousey. I requested tops to hide my tummy, but this one looked like a maternity top when my arms were down. Not the look I wanted.

The 31 Bits necklace was also in the box for $44. At first I felt like it was too chunky for my small, conservative self, but then I started to get used to it.
The cool thing about it was that its made in Uganda from recycled paper by women as a means of income to combat poverty. I struggled with keeping this one. But, since I don't dress up too much, I didn't think I'd get a lot of wear out of it. I did bookmark the website though, because I think it'd make a great gift item for a mom or girlfriend.

The next items were the $44 Pomelo cotton tank and the Just Black light blue skinny jeans for $78.
Again, loved the loose fit of the tank and the jeans were so comfortable and fit like a glove. I am 5'2" and have such a hard time finding things that aren't too long. Amazingly my stylist got the sizing just right. Because I live in Florida, and it's already getting into the 90s, another pair of jeans was the last thing I needed, especially at that price.

So what did I keep? After giving my patient husband a fashion show and much deliberation, I decided that, instead of keeping it all, I would go with the coral tank and green top. If you keep the entire box, you get a 25% discount on everything, so it's like everything is on "sale," which is always hard for me to pass up! But practicality won out, along with the fact that I've been on a shopping tear lately in real stores.

I signed up for my next fix when I checked out online, and already I'm looking forward to the day it ships. I think it's a great way to get things you wouldn't normally pick out for yourself that are different from what's in the stores. Yes, it's more than your TJ Maxx or Old Navy purchases, but it seems to be good quality and more unique, so it's worth it. 

If you are interested in giving it a try, please use the link below to sign up. It will get me a referral credit when your first fix ships! And then you will get your own referral link to pass on to friends as well.

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