Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Get Great Wall Art for Cheap

Oh how I wish I had an unlimited budget for home decorating.

But, I don't. So I come up with creative ways to Do-It-Yourself Decorate. Actually, I can't claim this idea as my own, my talented interior decorator cousin gave me this one.

First, let me explain that my goal is to have a comfortable home that reflects our family. I'm not striving for a show house by any means. We live in the Sunshine State and I love the "Old Florida" motif - roadside orange stands, scrub pine and cabbage palm forests, herons, egrets, and alligators. My grandmother, who is 99 (Yes, really!), collected postcards. I acquired a nice little collection of her vintage Florida postcards that I think are so cool.

I wanted to use them in my house, but didn't know how to display them. Enter interior decorator cousin who had the amazing idea to get the postcard images blown up and framed! So I took my two favorites to Office Depot and had them color copied to 24"x36" paper for $19.99 each. I originally wanted to have them done on canvas, but they couldn't do them in that size.

The image quality came out surprisingly well. I bought a ready-made poster frame at Micheals ($41.99 each on "sale") and plopped in my photocopies.

For approximately $125, I had two large, finished pieces of art to hang on my bare living room wall that I love. You could do this with any image really, a picture, calendar photo, book cover, whatever. So easy!

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